Fish and Boat Your Heart Out at Ghost Mountain Ranch

Fishing at Ghost Mountain Ranch

Nestled in the stunning Sierra Mountains and bursting with the sweet smell of pine trees, Ghost Mountain Ranch offers our valued guests only the finest amenities and diverse activities to accommodate all ages and vacation aspirations. What do you want to get out of your cabin camping experience? Whether you’re a thrill seeker who couldn’t imagine a river adventure without white water rafting, or a rockhounding, nature walking, horseback riding kind of traveler, our RV campground will proudly deliver you with the dream vacation you have been searching for.

From our youngest guests who haven’t quite taken their first steps, to our most seasoned and worldly travelers, two of the most popular activities among them all are fishing and boating. Catch that highly sought after “Big One” in our stocked fishing pond inside our 350 acre campground, just steps away from where you slumber. Or you can take a brief drive to nearby Jenkinson Lake or South Lake Tahoe. The choice is yours, and both lakes are conveniently located just a hop, skip and jump away from our RV campground.

Our Stocked Fishing Pond

Remember the popular cinematic catchphrase, “If you build it, they will come”? Well, this notion has never been more relevant than when it comes to our ranch’s fishing pond. Loaded with thousands of slimy swimmers, our catch and release pond is sure to delight novice fisherman, professionals and everything in between. All you have to do is bring your tackle and bait, and watch your worries float away. Guests have reported how much they value the convenience of fishing right there on the camping grounds. From trout, bass, walleye and more, mountain camping is never complete without reeling in that great catch. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your supplies and enjoy a beautiful day of fishing with your beloved family member, significant other or closest companion at Ghost Mountain Ranch.

Jenkinson Lake

From the moment you start your engine to pulling out of the ranch parking lot, you will be delighted to discover just how close by the local lakes are. Fulfill your fishing and boating desires as you surrounded yourself with the tranquil beauty of Jenkinson Lake. From hiking to biking, horseback riding and boating, you can treat your day like a quiet retreat or an exhilarating adventure. If Lake Tahoe fishing is on your radar, you will find pleasure in knowing that the variety is truly impressive! Lake Trout or Mackinaw, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Large Mouth Bass are just some of the fish you will find darting around your bait.

Prefer to spend your day on pedal boat, kayak or paddle board? Rentals are available at the lake on the weekends. For more information about rates and reserving your rental, simply click here.

If you’re aiming to cruise through the lake on your boat, there are two launch ramps and essentially two parts of the lake. The first part of Jenkinson Lake starts at the marina and has a substantially wide ramp. This is the main part of the lake and is most frequently enjoyed by water-skiers, wake-boarders and tubers. In other words, this is the widest part of the lake where you can go as fast as you’d like on your water toy of choice. The second ramp you can access is called the Stone Breaker ramp, which guides you to the aptly named “The Narrows” part of the lake. This area is a 5 mile an hour zone for a good ½ mile and is best suited for swimming, wading and quiet picnics aboard your boat. 

South Lake Tahoe

 Did you know that South Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine Lake in North America? Surrounded by the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, you will have the time of your life boating and fishing the day away in the wide, deep blue water. From sport fishing for local gilled citizens like Brown and Rainbow Trout, Kokanee Salmon and Mackniaw, to learning the secret spots from knowledgeable locals, to going on a quest through nearby rivers and streams, your greatest fishing dreams will truly be fulfilled at this incredible nearby lake and Lake Tahoe campground.

Like Lake Jenkison, Lake Tahoe’s extensive menu of water sports is sure to impress and are suited for most ages and skill levels. Waterskiing, paddle boarding, kayaking and paddlewheeling are just a few water activities you can choose from. You can even hop on a speed boat at Zephyr Cove and delight your entire family as you fly through the crystal clear waters!

At Colorado River Adventures, our #1 goal is to ensure that our guests have the best experience while residing with us, all while surpassing every one of their expectations at our RV campground. We kept this mission in mind as we developed Ghost Mountain Ranch in close proximity to some of the finest lakes in California. Let us show you why our valued visitors are returning every year for a friend and family getaway to Ghost Mountain Ranch. Give us a call today at 866-217-8111, or click here to send us an email. Be sure to ask us how you can be eligible to receive a free 3 day, 2 night vacation! On behalf of our team in the Sierra Mountains, we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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