Ghost Mountain Ranch Resort Reveals Our Top 4 Hiking Spots!

Top 4 Hiking Spots near Ghost Mountain Ranch

If there is one thing to know about The Sierra Mountains, it’s that it is one of the most sought after and premier mountain destinations in the whole world. This spectacular mountain range covers much of the center of California, and is ideal for backpacking, mountaineering, back-country skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, ice climbing, and hiking.

Covering a whopping 400 miles from north to south, The Sierra Mountains offer several national parks and federally protected land within it. They include Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia National Forest, Mount Whitney, El Dorado National Forest, and many more notable lands.

Therefore, if you have a passion for hiking or a zest for exploring nature, we Ghost Mountain staffers higher recommend that you make your way to the Sierra Nevada Mountains during your stay with us. From lakes to rivers, peaks, meadows, and wildlife, you will positively discover some of the most breathtaking spots and take home awe-inspiring memories with you.

Let’s examine four of our top hiking destinations in the Sierra Mountains together:

1. Caribou Wilderness

Why is this the perfect backpacking trip during your stay at our RV campsite? For starters, the Caribou Wilderness features various glassy lakes in a small amount of wilderness. Trek from Caribou Lake to Triangle Lake and then down to Long Lake if you please, or find a route that works best for you. No matter which way you go, you will be able to take in 20 lakes in 23 miles of hiking. Every lake and junction on the hike feature a sign for easy navigation, so you will never fear losing your way. You will even come across a whole variety of charming and chirping birds.


2. Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon is a rugged trench in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is so remote that it can only be accessed from a road. However, you can easily spot the Kanawyer Loop Trail, which is a long and level trail suitable for all ages and experience levels. This easy 5-mile trek has a mere 125 feet elevation change, so feel free to bring the whole family (including your furry companion) for a beautiful day in the wilderness. It is here that you can explore cedar forests with scenic mountain backdrops and seasonal waterfalls. Please note that day hikers do not need a permit to enjoy the beauty of the canyon wall above the trail.


3. Sequoia National Park

Paradise Creek in the Sequoia National Park features beautiful and relaxing pools. They are an easy .5-mile hike from the east side of Buckeye Flats Campground. This trail follows the north side of the Kaweah River, which is absolutely beautiful. The trail heads up a creek and past a series of pools that offer complete relaxation on a hot day. The Paradise Creek pools are peaceful enough to take a dip, so enjoy the refreshing waters after a hike. Looking for more of a challenge? The trail offers the option to continue for an additional two miles, should you choose to extend your hiking adventure.


4. El Dorado National Forest

Located near one of the original California gold discovery site, El Dorado National Forest still boasts many gold-bearing rivers and streams. One of the best places to visit is the 63,960 acre Desolation Wilderness, this must-see destination is accessible from 8 different trailheads. Desolation Wilderness has tons of small streams with about 150 alpine and sub-alpine lakes.

This National forest is within close proximity to the highly regarded Ghost Mountain Ranch Resort. Simply jump in your car for a brief drive, or take a serene horseback ride to the trails. The spacious campsites, rental cabins and family friendly RV resort are conveniently located next to thousands of miles of hiking trails and streams to explore.

It goes without saying that the Sierra Mountains are one of the most beautiful and accessible mountain ranges in the world. No matter which spot in the range you find yourself in, you are surely in for the most splendid Sierra Mountains adventure. The most scenic imagery you can imagine comes at you during every moment. Plus, the cleansing sun and pure air feel better than anywhere else on the planet. A hiking or backpacking trip is the perfect plan to get away from the stresses of everyday life.

So, come visit us at the Ghost Mountain Ranch Resort, a 350-acre preserve in the High Sierras. Our campsite truly is the perfect place to relax and unwind from your everyday life. Give us a call at 866-217-8111, or click here to contact us directly today.

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