Find Treasures in Our Own Backyard! Rockhounding has been a popular pastime since the prospectors first came to this region in the 1800′s. The geography and geology of the Sierras holds treasures from millions of years ago and is a Rockhound’s dream! The Sierras are rich with underground surprises and gifts just waiting to be discovered. Rock hounds in and around Ghost Mountain RV Campground can expect to find geodes, quartz, fossils, and every now and again even some gold gets turned up!


Get Some Giddyup – Horseback Riding in The Sierras! There was a reason Paramount Studios chose this area to film the television series, “The Virginian.” It’s because the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is a true symbol of the great American West. Horseback riding in the Sierras is a perfect way to experience this grand and glorious area. And the areas surrounding our 350 acre campground has dozens of trails and literally hundreds of square miles to explore by horseback!

You can bring your own four-legged friends or you can rent a trusty mount at one the local outfitters or pack guides. Day trips as well as more long-term packs are available for you to choose from, and there are trails for every level of experience. Horseback riding in the Sierras is the perfect way to capture the feel of the “Old West.” At Ghost Mountain RV Campground, you can explore the world of yesterday, today!


Fun On The Water! Fishing and boating are always on the list of most popular activities with our guests. And for good reason! With Jenkinson Lake and South Lake Tahoe only a short distance away, and our own stocked fishing pond right inside our 350 acre campground, it’s easy to see why fishing & boating are such a hit with our guests.

Our stocked pond will thrill the little anglers and the more experienced ones will find all the action they want at Jenkinson Lake or South Lake Tahoe. Both lakes offer great fishing & boating, and the shorelines of both are simply gorgeous. Jenkinson Lake has been a favorite destination for campers and boaters in the area, and Lake Tahoe speaks for itself!

As one of the largest bodies of water in the states, Lake Tahoe is a watersports enthusiasts dream come true. You can catch trout, bass, walleye and more in the area, and there’s plenty of action to be had! Reserve your campsite today, and get in on the fun at Ghost Mountain RV Campground.


High Adventure – Trail Hiking In The Sierras! Hiking in the Sierras is a trail hikers dream come true! And because of our location in the heart of the Sierras, we have plenty of great hiking right here on our property. We’re surrounded by tall, thick, pine forests and you never have to leave the campground to find incredible natural beauty.

We’re just outside of the El Dorado National Forest which has hundreds of miles of beautiful hiking trails. Since we’re just a short distance from South Lake Tahoe, you can explore the vast beauty of the lake and surrounding areas there as well.
The mountains and forests around Ghost Mountain RV Campground are home to a wondrous array of wildlife and flora, and if you enjoy photography, hiking in the Sierras is a picture-taking mecca!

Ghost Mountain Ranch white water rafting
Ghost Mountain Ranch white water rafting

White Water Rafting

White water rafting is more than just a pipe dream for Ghost Mountain Ranch visitors. You, too, can join the ranks of those who have made their Lake Tahoe river rafting dreams a reality. Beginners will find that they are able to pick up the activity fairly quickly – and have a blast for hours as they swish and swoosh down the river. River rafting in Lake Tahoe is a fun activity for groups, families and kids seven and older. With various companies that offering river rafting trips near Lake Tahoe and a short drive from Ghost Mountain RV Campground.

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